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Store Fixtures

Precise and safe processing of narrow pieces and panel components

We are specialized in the processing of narrow pieces or panel components for just-in-time production or small batch size manufacturing. Our innovative technology for single sided machine or small production machines can be standard solutions or customized products for your needs.

Flexible drilling and dowel driving or optional processes like pocket routing or endcapping will be available to customize these machines.

  • Drawer components
  • Cabinet parts
  • Door components

CENTRONIC pro.line

Batch size 1 production for 6-sided drilling

machine img 1

ENDMASTER-K select.line / RV

Edge-banding machine for moulded parts and curved Caravan fronts

machine img 2

ENDMASTER-P base.line

Hot-stamping machine for single-sided processing

machine img 3

ENDMASTER-P select.line

Hot-stamping machine for series production

machine img 4

FRONT pro.line

Drilling and grooving machine for the processing of drawer front parts

machine img 5

LP base.line

Glue gun for female dowel holes

machine img 6

SPRINT base.line

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine for batch size 1 production – basic equipment

machine img 7

SPRINT pro.line

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine for batch size 1 production – enhanced equipment

machine img 8

SPRINT select.line

Single-sided working center – with individual equipment for batch size 1 production

machine img 9


Case clamp with manual feed

machine img 10


Through-feed case clamp

machine img 11

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