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Dynma Products

DYNMA DYNMA is a Spanish manufacturer of customized clamping and handling solutions, located near Barcelona in Spain. The company is recognized as a leader in assembly automation equipment. Their range of case and rotary clamps, drawer and door presses and innovative handling equipment can be easily integrated in your existing production lines or can be used as stand-alone machine.

As the exclusive partner for the US Market we provide you with their customized clamping and handling solutions that can greatly reduce your labor costs.

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Manual case clamp

machine img 1


Drawer and door clamp with servomotor

machine img 2


Rotary clamp for frames and doors

machine img 3


Rotary clamp for front doors

machine img 4


Frame and door clamp

machine img 5

BOX V3.0

Drawer and frame clamp

machine img 6


Case clamp with manual feed

machine img 7


Through-feed case clamp

machine img 8

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