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The PEANUT® has landed!…..

Intelligent Fixings has invented the ultimate panel connecting system for the woodworking and furniture industry


The intuitive PEANUT®3 Connecting System is incredibly simple to use; one tester commented - “I can’t believe it hasn’t been invented before, it’s so simple and strong!”. The PEANUT®3 is a reinforced plastic fitting that is used for the connecting of furniture panels, the specially shaped plastic dowel is inserted and glued into the edge of one panel. The head of the Peanut®3 is inserted into a patent pending ramped keyhole that has been routed in the other panel. With the specially routed keyhole the connector pulls the two panels together as it is moved to its home position.

The Peanut®3 is a self-clamping single component invisible connector, for boring and insertion machines that is glued in. It can also be used with hand-held routers with a jig/template. The Peanut®3 connector creates an incredibly strong invisible joint (see technical data below) – The panels pack flat when the components are pre-inserted, so enable furniture to be taken apart and reassembled many times with minimal loss to the joint strength.

For further information about the technology please contact:

Intelligent Fixings Limited
Mobile:.+44 (0)1438 315111


Koch Group together with Intelligent Fixings has developed a fully automatic way of feeding PEANUT®3 and inserting it into panels. We have solutions for point-to-point single sided machines, as well as fully automatic through feed machines that can insert the PEANUT®3 up to 300 times per minute, therefore catering not only for the smaller producers, but also the high-volume manufacturers.

For further information about the technology please contact:

Trevor Williams
KOCH Group
Mobile:+49 (0)172-2007 053



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