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Edge banding

High-performance solutions for edge processing

KOCH offers a complete range of end capping machines, from top-quality basic equipment through to fully automated machining centers for large-scale production. Our product lines – base, pro and select – are the basis for an ideal system design. With optional equipment enhancements, each high-performance end capping machine can be seamlessly adapted to suit your specific needs.

Superior-quality components throughout our range ensure consistently outstanding precision in all aspects of edge processing.

  • Production of a wide variety of workpieces – whether profiled, shaped or special parts
  • Complete workpiece processing through enhanced equipment for formatting, shaping and drilling

ENDMASTER-K base.line

Edge banding machine for single-sided processing

machine img 1

ENDMASTER-K pro.line

Through-feed edge banding machine

machine img 2

ENDMASTER-K select.line

Edge banding machine for series production

machine img 3

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