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Blowing device for drilling holes

Clean drilling holes for maximum product quality

The innovative KOCH blowing device for drilling holes ensures chip free drilling holes, which improves the quality and stability of your dowel connection immensely. We specifically recommend this technology for the processing of sensitive workpiece surfaces, since here no unnecessary flying chips can mark or even damage them. Furthermore, the integrated chip removal intensifies the effect of the blowing device even more.
The blowing device for drilling holes is available for 8 as well as for 6 mm drillings and can be used for workpieces made out of MDF, chipboard and solid wood.


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  • Clean stacking of workpieces
  • Improved quality due to chip-free drilling holes
  • Accurate and clean processing for sensitive surfaces
  • No annoying remaining chips during furniture assembly – your customers will thank you for it!

Technical details

  • Blowing device and dust extraction combined in one component
  • The extraction is combined with the reliability of the KOCH drilling heads
  • Clockwise rotating drilling spindle, leading to a complex designed drilling head
  • Our advice: Drill bits of 8 mm achieve the best results!
  • The drill bit mounting is: cylindrical, Ø 10 mm
  • Min. center distance between the spindles: 16 mm
  • Min. distance between the extreme corners of the drilling head and the spindles: 15,5 mm

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