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Semi-automatic dowel refilling

With the refilling device for dowels “QUICK”, the filling of your vibrator hopper conveyor is done in no time!

The refilling unit consists of a transparent pipe system, which sucks in dowels from a reservoir at ground level and then blows them into the dowel containers of the vibrator hopper conveyors. A semi-automatic dowel refilling system is particularly advantageous for machines in production lines.




  • Simple, fast & convenient!
  • Save time! For machines with multiple dowel stations, all vibrator hopper conveyors are filled at the same time
  • Safety first! Quick is easy to operate from the ground. Dowel hopper conveyors no longer need to be filled with ladders
  • Operating and refilling of the dowel reservoir takes place from outside the safety fencing of the machine
  • Production can continue while refilling the dowel hoppers! The machine does not need to be stopped, the filling takes place during the running operation. This is particularly important for stand alone or whole production lines
  • Optional automatic filling is also possible

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