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KOCH Group © 22.10.2020

UNIDRILL: Throughfeed drilling on 5 sides. NEW with routing station

KOCH Group © 22.10.2020

Single-sided edgebanding machine ENDMASTER-K base.line

KOCH Group © 22.10.2020

LP: Automatic glue injection for flexible working processes (female dowel holes)

KOCH Group © 08.10.2020

10 reasons to choose KOCH: #4 Flexibility!

KOCH Group © 01.09.2020

QUICK: Halbautomatische Dübelbefüllung / semi-automatic dowel refilling

KOCH Group © 14.08.2020

Used SPRINT-PTP-2/1200 Baujahr/year of construction 2008

KOCH Group © 10.08.2020

S-250 pro.line: Kappsäge für Mehrfachlängen mit Fertigschnitt

KOCH Group © 07.08.2020

S-250 pro.line: Trim saw for multiple lengths and final cut

KOCH Group © 29.07.2020

SBD-B-NC select.line: NC-controlled throughfeed Sawing, Drilling, Doweling machine

KOCH Group © 07.07.2020

SBD-60 select.line: Sawing, Drilling and Dowel insertion machine

KOCH Group © 07.07.2020

SBD-60 select.line: Säge-, Bohr- und Dübelmaschine

KOCH Group © 24.06.2020

Schubkastenfertigung: S-250+BD-B-NC Doppeltakt + Z-208 select.line

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