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Machines for the automation of various lightweight technologies

Depending on the lightweight technology, it requires different procedures to process varying lightweight materials. In addition to machines for an automated application of the Würth COLDMELT® technology, where plastic dowels are welded into the workpieces by ultrasound, KOCH has also developed machines for the automation of Hettinject connection technology.

Here, an exactly dosed amount of adhesive is fed through the so-called glued dowel to the upper and lower top layer of the lightweight panel. As with the COLDMELT® process, Hettinject technology creates extreme strong connections.

KOCH machines for the machining of lightweight panels are used for processing different thicknesses, materials and shapes. This also allows precise machining of moulded parts. Depending on your requirements, we offer solutions for batch size 1 machining, as well as for the production of large quantities.


ENDMASTER-K select.line / Caravan

Edge-banding machine for moulded parts and curved Caravan fronts

machine img 1

SPRINT-W select.line / Caravan

WoodWelding® machine for inserting Würth COLDMELT®-dowels for batch size 1 production

machine img 2

UNIFLEX-Pin Welding pro.line

CNC WoodWelding® work center for inserting Würth COLDMELT® dowels

machine img 3

SPRINT-LightPanel select.line

Drilling and fitting insertion machine for lightweight building panels for batch size 1 production

machine img 4

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