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SPRINT pro.line

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine for batch size 1 production – enhanced equipment

The drilling and dowel insertion machine SPRINT pro.line combines high-end performance with versatility and flexibility. In the pro.line version, the precise working drilling machine triumphs with a comprehensive equipment package, like horizontal as well as vertical drilling units with 2 or 3 individually controlled drilling spindles.

Also the processing of solid wood parts is thanks to the special clamping system, which guarantees stable hold and precise positioning of the workpiece, no problem. The flexible all-rounder offers added values for your production processes.

Faster production processes and exact reproduction are an ideal combination to make perfectly precise dowel joints for products such as

  • Casegoods
  • Drawers
  • Cabinet and furniture frame parts
  • Solid wood rails, stiles, jambs and posts

  • Extreme efficiency due to the possibility to process 4 workpieces simultaneously
  • High flexibility in the processing of all drilling and dowel patterns
  • Easy, self-explaining machine handling due to the new KOCH user interface
  • Fast drilling operations due to strong drilling systems
  • Clean drill holes and precise positioning of dowels
  • High precision due to solid and robust design
  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

The basic equipment is identical to the base.line version and includes the following additional features:

  • Max. stock length: 1,600 mm / 62.99”
  • Horizontal drilling station, with 2 individually controlled drilling spindles
  • Vertical drilling station from above, with 3 individually controlled drilling spindles
  • ELC – Electronic Glue Control
  • Clamping system for solid wood parts
  • Stock clamping system for small parts
  • NC-positioning for X, Y and Z
  • Safety curtain with lamellas to protect against reaching into the danger zone
  • Low voltage supply USV

  • Max. stock width: 2,300 mm / 90.55”
  • LED bar for easy set-up of clamping cylinders when processing narrow parts
  • Automatic detection of stock width
  • Bar code reader

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