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UNIDRILL base.line

Through-feed drilling machine for small and narrow parts

The through-feed drilling machine UNIDRILL base.line is specialized in precise and rapid drilling of small and narrow parts. Already our base.line version provides high flexibility for drilling patterns.

The workpieces are guided through 2 separated workstations for vertical, long edge and end drilling. The model’s robust components ensure maximum availability and safety during operation.
As it requires minimal space, the drilling center can be seamlessly integrated into a production line. Alternatively, it can be equipped with the optional workpiece return feed conveyor for one-man operation.

  • Rapid drilling operation due to strong drilling systems
  • High quality in drilling processing
  • Space-saving due to a compact and modular design
  • Rapid payback thanks to attractive price-performance ratio
  • High precision due to solid and robust design
  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components

  • 2x vertical drilling units from above
  • 2x vertical (and long edge) drilling units with drilling depth optimization at the edge drilling units
  • Horizontal drilling unit for drillings into workpiece ends

  • Stock return feed conveyor
  • Center stock support
  • Semi-automatic positioning
  • Dust extraction hoods

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