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SPRINT-PEANUT select.line

Drilling and PEANUT® insertion machine

The SPRINT-PEANUT select.line machine is designed for drilling and driving PEANUT® connectors by Intelligent Fixings.
With PEANUT® connectors, furniture carcasses and frames can be plugged together quickly, easily and without using tools. In addition to PEANUT® connectors, standard wooden dowels can optionally be driven by the machine.

Advantages of the PEANUT® connector
  • A self-clamping, invisible connector
  • Creates an incredibly strong joint
  • Quick and simple assembly of cabinets
  • Packs flat when pre-inserted
  • Ideal for boring and insertion machines
  • Can be reassembled many times

  • 4 working fields
  • max. stock width: 1,300 mm
  • Horizontal drilling station with one drilling spindle
  • Gluing and PEANUT® insertion station
  • KOCH WOP – Parametic Programming
  • 3 pneumatically lowerable stops (side and center stops)
  • Premium Remote Support – Service via Internet
  • Low Voltag Supply
  • NC-Positioning of height adjustment (Z-axis)

  • Milling unit to produce IF PEANUT keyholes
  • Gluing and dowel insertion station for standard wood dowels
  • Vertical drilling station from above with 1 drilling spindle
  • Additional horizontal and vertical drilling spindles (max. 2)
  • Equipment for dowel diameter 6 & 10 mm
  • ELC – Electronic Glue Control (Patent granted)
  • Control cabinet with A/C aggregat
  • Barcode reader

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