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Precise and safe processing of small and narrow pieces for upholstery manufacturing

We are specialized in the processing of small and narrow pieces, as needed for the manufacturing of upholstery components. Our innovative technologies lead to a trouble-free workpiece transport, a precise workpiece alignment and a strong clamping of small and narrow pieces in the machine.
This way, we guarantee the highest quality and repeat accuracy for the numerous processing steps.

Our product lines – base, pro and select – provide users with production lines perfectly fine-tuned to suit their needs, and with optional equipment enhancements, they can be ideally tailored to optimize production.


SPRINT-PEANUT select.line

Drilling and PEANUT® insertion machine

machine img 1

CENTRONIC pro.line

Batch size 1 production for 6-sided drilling

machine img 2

SBD base/pro/select.line

Sawing, drilling and dowel insertion machine for thorough-feed processing

machine img 3

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