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Second-Hand Machines


Single-sided drilling and doweling machine

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine with 2 working fields. 2 workpieces with a max width of 600 mm each can be inserted into the machine. Parts with a width of more than 600 mm have to be processed one after the other.

Working height: 900 mm
Dowel diameter: 8 x 30 mm
Serial number: A0811/7842
Year of construction: 2008

Stock length: min. 110 mm
Stock width: up to 2x 1,200 mm
Stock thickness: 12 - 60 mm

  • with horizontal drilling station
  • with glue injection and dowel insertion station
  • with 1 vibrator hopper conveyor
  • mwith 1 glue pump 1:1
  • with central lubrication for working units
  • width of stock support table: 1,250 mm
  • max. stock length: 1,200 mm
  • vertical drilling distance (Z) above stock support table up-to 35 mm
  • with 4 clamping systems for horizontal drilling
  • with 1 stop fence at the left and right side
  • working cycle starts by means of push-buttons
  • positioning speed of X-axis up-to 105 m/min.
  • PC control
  • 15" touch screen
  • NC positioning of X-axis
  • Horizontal drilling station with 1 drilling spindle
  • with dowel hole extraction
  • glue injection and dowel insertion station with 1 dowel tool type 32

Special equipment

  • Premium Remote Support und Service über Internet. With hardware and software licences.
  • NC positioning of Z-axis. Height adjustment of drilling and doweling station.
  • Electronic Glue Control ELC. Glue is controlled with each working cycle

Electric supply

  • Electric connection: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phasen
  • Pneumatic connection: 1 x R 1/2" inside thread 7 bar
  • Air speed of dust extraction: min. 30 m/sec.

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