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CNC drilling and milling line for fast and flexible door leaf processing

The high-performance throughfeed machine type TBZ 599 is manufacturered by LEHBRINK Spezialmaschinen GmbH and enables fast and flexible milling and drilling of door leaves.

Thanks to its high flexibility, the machine is designed for a batch size 1 production. This means that each door can have a different thickness, width or length without any setup times. In addition, the type and position of the hinges and locks is completely variable, as well as the number of hinges, which can also differ for each door. Moreover, besides its high degree of flexibility, the TBZ 599 impresses as well with top performance: when machining a workpiece with, for example, a lock and three hinges, the processing time is 18-20 seconds per door leaf. Similar machines from other manufacturers require twice as much time.

The machining center consists of three stations, each equipped with 3- or 4-axis CNC machining clusters. In the first station, all processings are done on the lock side of the door leaf. This includes milling of handles, keyholes and locking plates, as well as pre-drillings of keyholes. Thanks to the parallel milling from above and below, a tear-free result of the handle set is guaranteed. Further milling is also possible, e.g. for nameplates. In the second station, the lock box is milled. The door leaf is then transported to a shaking unit in which it is lifted up to a 90° angle so that all the remaining chips are removed from the lock case. In the last step, left- or right-turning hinges are milled. Impressively, all three hinges can be milled at the same time.

The control of the TBZ 599 has also been designed as flexible as possible. Due to the use of a post processor, the NC controller is freely programmable and does not have to be programmed according to ISO.

Founded in 1950 by Wilhelm Lehbrink in East Westphalia, Lippe, the medium-sized company has been part of the KOCH Group since 2005. LEHBRINK's core competence lies in machines and production lines for door and door frame production, as well as systems for furniture folding and for foldable back panels of furniture.

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