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Exhibition machines TECH-TOGETHER September 27th-29th, 2021

S-250+BD+Z-208 select.line
Processing of drawer parts
Thanks to the double cylce function and the splitter, this line achieves a performance of up to 100 parts per minute.
The workpieces are set into a hopper while the machine is processing. After the final cut the workpiece packages are sawn to the desired length. In the subsequent drilling machine, the parts are drilled horizontally, vertically and longitudinally. The workpieces are then split in the center-cut saw so that always a right and a left drawer part come out of the machine. Additionally, a groove for the back panel of the drawer is machined into the parts.
The machines can be configured according to customer requirements.




BD select.line
Processing of panels up to 2.500 mm length
The machine operates in double cycles and can thus achieve an output of up to 50 workpieces. The BD select.line is equipped with horizontal and vertical drilling units, as well as longitudinal drilling units. Thanks to the semi-automatic system, the machine is easy to set up and flexibly adapted to new parts.



NEW SPRINT base.line
Bohr- und Dübeleintreibmaschine
Another highlight is the presentation of the prototype of the newly designed singlesided drilling and dowel insertion machine SPRINT. In addition to a new contemporary design, the machine also impresses with the revised processing stations and equipment options!


  • Shorter delivery time thanks to a quick assembly
  • Improved accessibility and operation (low dowel pot, central control panel, lateral access to working units)
  • Flexible arrangement of the drilling spindles
  • Modern machine design
  • Little space requirement. Thanks to the access door located on the machine side, the machine can be placed against a wall. If required, two machines can be placed next to each other without a gap


LEHBRINK type RWB base.line
Back panel folding machine
The overlapping workpieces are positioned and clamped. The workpieces, lying on top of each other, are profiled and the glue thread is applied along the edge. After applying the PUR-Hotmelt it is cooled off.





Folding machine for decorative architraves
With a capacity of 60 linear meters per minute, the system is optimally designed for the industrial series production of door frames. First, the workpieces are trimmed, profiled and mitered. Then, gule is applied and the architraves are folded. In general, the machine is very flexible and easy to set up. Thanks to the many semi-displays, the FFL can be adapted to changing requirements in a short time. In addition, the machine is equipped with air cushion support tables, so that even sensitive workpieces can be processed without damage.


VK-011 ECO
Case clamp

The electro-mechanic case clamp VK011 allows a fast assembly of cabinets without having to make preadjustments on the clamp. The strong clamping plates of the VK011 enable all-over clamping of the cases to achieve the highest quality results. A clamping power of up to 2.300 kg can be generated in the press. It is ideally suited for the manufacturing of medium and larger volumes. Thanks to its space-saving design, it can be easily integrated into your production.



BOX V3.0
Drawer and frame clamp

The pneumatically working drawer clamp type Box V3.0 ensures a simple and fast assembly of drawers and frames. Thanks to its functional design, it is possible to press single parts as well as complete drawers with different connections (folding system, dovetail and dowels). This way, a perfect connection as well as shape of the drawer can be guaranteed. Because of the special clamping process, folding connections and drawer fronts with glass insets cannot be deformed.


Furthermore, we have the following machines in production: SPRINT select.line for 45°processing, BD-60 base.line, BD-100 FRONT

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