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Edgebanders - How to edgeband wood-based materials professionally

The edges of wood or wooden workpieces can be exposed to high loads depending on the application requirements. In some cases, for example, it is necessary for the edging to be resistant to moisture. Modern edge banding machines ensure optimum and durable edging with a high-quality appearance at the same time. Find out in this article why the edgebanding machines from KOCH Technology are high-performance solutions for edgebanding.

Discover the edge banding machines from KOCH Technology

ENDMASTER-K base.line

Edge-banding machine for single-sided processing

ENDMASTER-K pro.line

Through-feed edge-banding machine

ENDMASTER-K select.line

Edge-banding machine for series production


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What are edgebanders?

With edgebanders you can glue edging material such as PVC edging, solid wood or veneer edging to furniture parts. One of the advantages of edgebanding machines is the possibility of serial production with permanently high quality. This way, perfect edging results can be achieved for demanding customers from industry, trade and co.

Powerful solutions for edge processing

If you are looking for powerful and modern solutions for edge banding, KOCH Technology is the right contact. KOCH offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting edge banding machines. This includes, among other things, high-quality, single-sided machines for small series with high-quality basic equipment. In addition, we also offer fully automatic production centres for the production of higher quantities.
In our extensive product lines base, pro and select, you will find the right system concept to meet your requirements. The machines can be individually adapted to your needs.

Our machines offer numerous advantages in edge processing that lead to outstanding precision:

Production of a wide variety of workpieces - whether profiled, curved or special parts
Complete machining of the workpieces by equipping the machines with milling, drilling, gluing or dowel insertion units
Manual insert or throughfeed machines
A wide variety of edgeband materials from paper, ABS, PVC, melamine to real wood veneers from a thickness of 0.15 mm
Use of standard EVA and PUR adhesives


ENDMASTER-K base.line: Edge banding machine for single-sided edge processing

The ENDMASTER-K base.line edge bander is the perfect entry into commission-based production. With this machine, you can perform professional edge processing of straight workpieces. At the same time, the machine offers enormous versatility for processing profiled workpieces, moulded parts as well as other special parts.

Mode of operation and equipment of the edgebander

The ENDMASTER K base.line can clamp two workpieces at the same time - this makes working with the edge bander particularly efficient. It is particularly suitable for the commissioned production of frame parts, furniture fronts and individual drawer parts.
The edgebanding machine is equipped as standard with two working fields, an edgebanding unit for EVA and PUR glues and a routing unit. However, the machine can be individually extended with the following options:

+ 6 working fields for max. output of 6 workpieces/min.
+ 2nd edge trimming unit
+ Magazine for 5 different edge rollers (manual change)
+ Horizontal drilling unit for drilling into the long side
+ Formatting station



Numerous benefits for edge processing

Whether profiled parts, moulded parts or special parts - with the ENDMASTER-K base.line you can process a wide variety of workpieces. With the optional formatting station, you get a particularly high edge quality. Thanks to the solid design oft he edge banding machines from KOCH, high precision results can be achieved.
Different edge materials are possible for edging: paper, ABS, PVC, melamine or even real wood veneer (min. thickness: 0.4 mm). In addition, you can use all conventional glues with this edgebander, such as EVA and PUR.

ENDMASTER-K base.line


ENDMASTER.K pro.line: Edgebander for throughfeed edge processing

The ENDMASTER.K pro.line edgebands wood workpieces particularly efficiently: It enables double-sided processing of workpiece ends of narrow parts in throughfeed. This allows the machine to produce up to seven workpieces per minute.
Whether mouldings, shaped parts, furniture fronts or skirting boards - the application areas of the machine are manifold. The automatic edgebander ensures precise and highly rational series production, where even untypical dimensions are edged perfectly. Depending on the materials, such as chipboard, glued wood or even composites, you can use common adhesives such as EVA and PUR.


High performance for precise edgebanding

The edge banding units of the ENDMASTER-K pro.line process edging material with a thickness from 0.15 mm up to 3 mm with up to 80 mm edge height. Finally, special CNC edging units with sensing rollers ensure clean edge finishing. They precisely follow the profile of the workpiece and carefully remove the excess edging material.

Even the basic equipment of the pro.line edge processing machine is extensive:

  • Hopper feed with stock separation
  • Koch Numeric positioning control
  • Edge banding station
  • Milling station for edge finishing
  • NC positioning in X, Y and Z
  • Workpiece return feed, especially for delicate surfaces

With the additional equipment options, you can easily expand and optimise the system concept:

+ Central lubrication for working units
+ Semi-automatic refilling unit for glue granulate
+ Longitudinal drilling station
+ Workpiece return transport
+ Inclined magazine for profiled workpieces
+ Formatting station
+ Combined edge milling cutter for chamfered edges or edges with radii in combination with straight edges

ENDMASTER.K pro.line


ENDMASTER-K select.line: Edge banding machine for maximum performance

Just like the ENDMASTER-K pro.line, the ENDMASTER-K select.line is also suitable for the precise processing of workpiece ends of narrow parts such as mouldings, shaped parts, skirting boards etc. The select.line equipment offers all the advantages of the pro.line equipment. However, the ENDMASTER-K select.line edge bander is specially designed for the highest performance and thus ensures maximum output for series production.
Thanks to the double arrangement of the workstations as well as the parallel processing of two workpieces, you can considerably increase the efficiency of your production with this automatic edge banding machine - the machine edges up to 14 workpieces per minute. At the same time, this edge banding machine from KOCH also processes the workpieces precisely and reliably.

Edging machine with individual equipment

The ENDMASTER-K select.line is adapted to your requirements with individualised equipment. The modular design of the edgebander ensures maximum flexibility. In this way, you get the machine. That is optimized to meet your needs
Possible equipment options for the ENDMASTER-K select.line:

  • Feeding magazine with separation
  • Formatting station
  • Edge banding station for EVA and PUR glues
  • Semi-automatic refilling station for glue granulate
  • Milling station for edge finishing in double cycle
  • NC positioning in X, Y and Z
  • Surface-friendly workpiece transport
  • Transfer to a following drilling machine


Further high-performance edge banding machines from KOCH

In addition to the edgebanders, the portfolio of the KOCH product lines base, pro and select also includes hot stamping machines for professional and high-quality edge processing: ENDMASTER-P base.line, ENDMASTER-P pro.line, ENDMASTER-P select.line.
As with the edgebanders, KOCH offers single-sided machines for small batches as well as fully automatic production centres. When applying the hot-stamping foils, the hot-stamping machines achieve the highest precision. Learn more about the hot stamping machines from KOCH.  

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